Law Office

The Law Office provides qualified and complementary assistance involving day-to-day services for Polish and foreign business entities, participation in the construction and conduct of specific transactions and projects, as well as parties’ representation in lawsuits and in administrative proceedings.

The Law Office is composed of a dynamic and independent team that has acquired its experience in some of the biggest legal and business enterprises, also in the largest legal offices operating in Poland and in the world.

The aforementioned experience enables us to assist our clients on the highest legal and organizational quality level, while maintaining the same availability of services as that offered by specialized law offices. In addition, what is a particularly distinctive advantage of the Law Office is our full comprehension of the business context and the significance of our clients’ actions and decisions that we utilize in our work. Such an approach allows us to ensure that our clients have a complete awareness of their business situation and adjust the proposed solutions to the business context. Owing to the above principles, the Law Office’s clients acquire comprehensive and complementary legal aid at the intersection of business and law, adjusted to their business needs and expectations.

The Law Office provides qualified assistance in areas related to business transactions, with particular emphasis on transactions concerning real estate and construction projects, commercialization of shopping facilities and litigations, including debt collection, mergers and acquisitions, new technologies and international contracts, day-to-day corporate services and even labour law. The Law Office also cooperates with a tax advisers, which enables fully professional and comprehensive legal aid with business transaction services and enterprises’ ongoing operations. The Law Office provides also professional specialised legal services to the Defence Industry.

The Law Office’s clients may rely on obtaining legal aid concerning penal law, family and guardianship law, and law of inheritance.

The Law Office cooperates with a public relations agency offering, inter alia, support in image’s crisis situations occurring in business relations.

The Law Office renders services in English, including the preparation of documents and contracts as well as conducting negotiations and business discussions.

The Law Office’s lawyers also speak German, Spanish and French.